You might not think you need a great portrait - Maybe you don’t.

here are a few reasons why you might.


Headshots / Portraits

Professional Profile

  • Are you looking for a job or trying to up your networking game and need a profile picture for LinkedIn?

  • Do you already have a job and want a professional headshot that makes the cute/handsome guy/gal in the office swoon?

  • Did that free “professional headshot” at the last conference you attended leave something to be desired?

Dating Profile

  • Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Maybe, you’re looking in all the right places, you just need great profile pics to showcase your very best. Let your winning smile and gorgeous eyes catch their attention and let your killer personality do the rest!


  • Maybe you just really like the way you look when you do that one thing with your hair and are wearing your favorite shoes and you want to preserve the moment forever

  • Perhaps you’ve reached a milestone or conquered a personal challenge and want to capture your strength, beauty, determination


  • Did he (or she) finally put a ring on it? Now is the time to capture what makes you and your BAE the “IT’ couple.


  • Capture the most precious moment in your life - your journey to motherhood, whether it’s the first time or the third.


  • Are you in high school/college and want senior photos that are going to look way better than your friends?


  • Have you cooked up some crazy artistic concept that you want to capture on film so that years from know you can tell your grandchildren that at one point, you were indeed cool, and you have the pictures to prove it.



Birthday, anniversary, reunion, backyard BBQ? Get some great candid and group shots to remember your best days!

Corporate Events

Show your corporate rivals just who their dealing with by capturing your next corporate event with style!

Portfolio Building

Special note for Models

Without the professional models who were willing to work with me, I would not be half the photographer I am today. I have an immense respect for anyone who is working in this competitive and, unfortunately, harsh business. 

As such, I have special discounted rates for models looking to do portfolio buildings and regularly engage in TFP and artistic collaborations. 

 If you are a model in need of pictures, don't be shy, please reach out. I will always do my best to accommodate